Welcome to my website. Here you will find examples of my art and illustration work. Click on the thumbnails in order to see larger versions of the pictures. Should you wish to commission any work please feel free to contact me. I hope that you enjoy your visit.

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Scavenging Velociraptors
Ichthyostega Breeding Colony
Ichthyostega Pursuing A Juvenile Armoured Fish (Remigolepis)
Cranial Comparison of Homo heidelbergensis & Homo sapiens
Nature's Sacrifice
Lazing Gator
Wood Pigeon
A Cottage in the Country
'Down Port'
Medieval Maiden
Big Hungry Cats
'Er, Professor...'
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Adventurous Seals At Large
Weird Animals
Science Fiction Fans House (By Night)
Science Fiction Fans House (By Day)

Pen & Ink

The Great Gates
Into The Sunset
Daisy's Isle
Kid Ory
Family Portrait
London Statues
A Farm Lane in Winter
Nesting Leatherback
Crested Iguana
Fruit Bat
Country Lane
The Walled Orchard of Lansbury Hall
A Depressing View
The Granite Bowl
The Village Churchyard
Giant Water Lilies
Passion Flowers
Murra-yari's Grave
Morpho Butterfly
View from Murra-yari's Cave
Where Corals Lie
Personalised cover for 'Star Wars: Kanaan the Last Padawan 001 Variant Edition' Comic
Personalised cover for 'Star Wars 001 Variant Edition' Comic


Black Rhinoceros
Deep Sea Anglerfish
Marella, Trilobites and Jellyfish
Back From The Cambrian
Group of Homo heidelbergensis hunting horses (Equus ferus)
Party of Homo heidelbergensis passing two large mammoths (Mammuthus meridionalis)
Eagles Head

Special Projects

Lazy Lion
Puzzled Ungulates
Hungry Croc
The Mystified Giraffe
Startled Bear
An Unusual Encounter on the Night Bus
Nightime at the Natural History Museum
The Feinting Guard
Farewell In The Moonlight
A Fearsome Feline
An Elephant and Bongo bathing in the Congo
A Very Hungry Dragon
Watching The Moon Rise

Other Media

Three Little Pigs Go To London
Three Little Pigs
The House of 2015
Galleries and Museums
Body Technology
A Good Nights Sleep
The Perfect Driving Position
Pampers Science
Fly Fisher and Switch